Jennifer Webster – RE

Currently deputy headteacher and assessment/RE lead. Areas of expertise are teaching & learning and subject leadership in science, reading, assessment and RE.

Can give support for class teachers within their own class as well as development of subject leadership throughout the school.

Has worked alongside Y1 and Y4 teachers to develop teaching skills through book scrutiny, modeling and team teaching. Has lectured students at Liverpool Hope relating to the role of RE lead and delivering other faiths lesson.

Lesley Leppard – G&T, music, performing arts.

Currently a lead practitioner and member of the SLT. Areas of expertise include Gifted & Talented, Music, EHA and SEND.

Can provide support for G&T and subject mastery in English and maths. Music subject leadership, EHA/SEND/inclusion and NQT mentoring.

Has supported middle leaders from other schools in providing training for G&T. Has also led training and supported leaders on aspects of performing arts and teaching & learning. Has previously been an AST in Knowsley and carried out pieces of research  which have translated into practical work in the classroom leading to raised standards.

Kate McCabe – Challenge Curriculum

Currently Y6 class teacher and English lead, member of SLT and curriculum lead.Is also a moderator for Knowsley LA. Has also been Inclusion Manager in a previous school. Has led on the development of a ‘Challenge Curriculum’ in her own and a neighbouring school.

Can provide support for teaching & learning, subject leadership and assessment in English. Can lead CPD and share her knowledge and practice of the Challenge Curriculum.

Has supported teachers, SLT and headteachers across Knowsley in the moderation process and supported other schools within the borough. Has led whole school CPD focussing on the enhancement of reading and writing across all key stages.

Natalie McGorian – Art

Currently Y2 class teacher, phase leader and lead teacher for coaching, assessment, English and art. Areas of expertise are English, Assessment for Learning and art.

Can provide support for moderation, assessment & feedback, metacognition, English and coaching.

Currently mentoring a KS1 teacher in a neighbouring school. Has supported schools with the implementation of whole school assessment, feedback and metacognition pedagogies. Is currently engaged with a working party with the remit of creating a shared approach to assessment and feedback based on research principles.

Sarah Catt – History, Geography

Currently Y5 class teacher, SEN Coordinator, History Lead, Geography Lead. Area of expertise is SEN.

Can provide support for teaching & learning and SEN.

Has supported 4 rounds of school to school support working with 2 schools which has included support for Y3 and Y4 teachers with teaching & learning and support for a SENCo.