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Knowsley First is delighted to announce our submission to DFE for SSIF Round 3 funding was successful.

Further information will be given in our launch for headteachers on 18th October 11.00 a.m. at the Village Hotel, Whiston immediately following the KPHF meeting.

Commitment from schools:

  • HT and one SLT member to attend one half day training session per term spring 2019 to autumn 2019
  • TAs attend two half day training sessions 4-5 weeks apart at a local venue using residency model – summer 1 – 2019
  • Schools carry out own self evaluation using toolkit
  • Schools receive one monitoring visit per term spring 2019 to spring 2020 from review team (SLEs)
  • Schools commit one staff meeting Sept 2019 to train teachers – delivered by SLEs using MPTA materials (given to schools as resource)


Sept 2018 Train Knowsley Review Team. Launch MITA Knowsley 18th October after KPHF – secondary heads invited
Jan 2019 MITA SLT session 1 (+ QA) HT and one SLT member
Jan Schools complete self-evaluation  
Jan-Feb (½ team) Visit 1. Review team complete school reviews. QA reports  
March MITA SLT session 2 (+ QA) HT and one SLT member
March-May (½ team) Visit 2. Review team monitoring visit  
April-May (½ team) MPTA training for TAs (residency) TAs in local venues 2 x 0.5 days
May – July Additional optional training sessions for TAs Based on outcomes of audits
May-June Visit 3. Review team monitoring visit  
Sept MPTA INSET training for teachers (delivered in-house) After school on site delivered by SLEs
Sept-Oct Visit 4. Review team monitoring visit  
Sept-Oct QA with Review Team  
Nov MITA SLT session 3 (+ QA) HT and one SLT member
Jan-Feb 2020 Visit 5. Final review visit for evaluation  


The TSA will be recruiting more SLEs to support the bid. If you have staff who may be eligible, please contact

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